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MetaPad as MIDI X/Y CC Controller?

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  • MetaPad as MIDI X/Y CC Controller?

    I've figured out how to move in UP/DOWN CC steps with swipe and pan controls, but it would be really awesome to be able to use MetaPad as a reliable MIDI X/Y controller for CC messages, where extreme L=0 and extreme R=127 (same applies to extreme Up and Down) with smooth 1 step transitions in between. I'm sure this isn't trivial as it would require precise/absolute coordinate tracking.

    Also, the up/down step sequences in the system as working now would be additionally useful for Program Changes!

    This is a very cool app! Thank you!

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    Thanks for the feedback :-). We are glad you like MP - XY controllers will come to Metagrid 2.x. However, implementing it with the current MP gesture engine is impossible - we are thinking about adding additional objects for MP as well displayed on gesture actions. But Program Changes Step Sequences - it is a good idea indeed :-).


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      Perhaps I was too hasty in purchasing MP or I am misreading this post. I would like to send cc messages to VIs in Cubase. That's it. Some expression, volume, etc. Is this doable?


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        Sure - there are MIDI CC Step actions that increase/decrease MIDI CC value by a given step and there are also a "static" standard CC MIDI actions.