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Logic and Dropbox Issues

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  • Logic and Dropbox Issues


    I've been a user of Metagrid with Logic Pro for quite a while with no issues at all. I decided to buy Metapad 3 days ago to use it with an iPhone 8 running IOS 15.1.

    I'm running into several problems ATM:

    1- I'm trying to activate "TOGGLE TOUCH AUTOMATION" for Logic Pro with the shortcut preset included in your ADD ACTION menu. It does not work.
    However if instead I use the key shortcut combination that I had assigned for my desktop keyboard (option+shift+12) it works.
    I haven't check all of the preset shortcuts that come within the template workspace but many don't not work, e.g Play/Stop with one tap...

    2- I've assigned a CC steps controller for Pan up and down. Again nothing happens. If I check the input monitor in Logic nothing seem to be coming in.

    3 - I'm trying to authorize Dropbox. When I click allow I get back this message: "ERROR AUTHORIZING APP. This app is unable to link additional users because it has been frozen pending review."
    As far as I know, my Dropbox app is working with no issues and I have not received any warnings or emails about it. Is it something to do with Metapad or shall I contact Dropbox?

    Please let me know what to do.
    BTW, I just saw in the forum that you are about to release a new version for Metagrid :-). Where can I get info about what is coming up with it?

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Javier,

    1. Which version of Logic do you use?
    2. Does Logic see any messages coming from "Metasystem - MIDI" port?
    3. I will investigate it today.

    Yes, MG Pro is around the corner - you can join our beta team to get access to our TestFlight beta builds to see what's new (and it is practically a new app :-).


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      Hi Przemek,

      Logic 10.5.1 Mojave.

      I've bypassed the control surfaces in Logic and seems to work normally. So problem has to do with that.
      I'm using 3 iPads all using Metagrid and Touch Osc (without problem) and now the iPhone with Metapad.

      I can't tell you at the moment where the problem specifically lies but I have the feeling that is some kind of conflict between Metagrip parameters and Metapad (I can be totally wrong of course but there are no setting or learned parameters in Touch Osc as far as I can recall).

      BTW side question, when I create a volume controller in Metapad, is there anyway I can have the 0 to 127 midi cc steps in one slide along the screen?

      Thanks very much. How do I join the beta testing?

      Kind regards,

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