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    I downloaded the iPhone app but am a little confused that the manual just states 'provided' Metasystem files. The download page on this website doesn't work and it seems that Cubase integration doesn't work without the downloads? Further, there is no support or contact email address provided on this site and I am very concerned that I spent £20 on something that doesn't work and has no support. Please could you advise where these files can be downloaded? Thanks

    Edit, the app was also crashing so I've requested a refund. If the dev ever does read this you need to fix your download page and make the app more stale
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    Thanks for your report - we are sorry for the troubles and see you go. Here are the answers:

    1. The email link for our support is present on our website (the email icon next to social media channels) . We do our best to respond ASAP to every bug/issue report.
    2. The Download page is active and all the links are operational - tested on Safari/Chrome on Win/Mac. What browser do you use?
    3. And the crashes - can you please specify the context for the crash. We did our best to perform extensive QA but since the app is in the infancy stage, there may be some issues we didn’t catch. You input would be much appreciated.