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    I'm new to Metagrid but am already loving it.
    I'm having an issue getting my Dropbox synced up with MG.
    I've allowed MG to acces DB. But - I thought- when I try to import, MG creates files on my DB that I can then put my purchased Sibelius view set into.
    But When I import from DB, it looks like it's going to work. The import appset window comes up. But it's empty and there are no folders in my DB to put my view sets in.
    However, when I export to DB, it says it did it. But I don't see any MG folders in DB. WHere did it save them??
    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Hi Lesterbeat - apologies for the late reply - already replied to your email I guess. MG automatically creates folders in your Dropbox account - you can find them in Apps/Metagrid - just place your Sibelius viewset in ViewSets folder and it will appear on the import list in Metagrid.