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Metagrid 1.6 can't find computer (Win 10)

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  • Metagrid 1.6 can't find computer (Win 10)

    I have recently installed the latest Metaserver 2.2.1 update (to work with my 1.6 beta) and now, after a Windows 10 update my iPad cannot 'see' my computer. I have tried all manner of re-installing and restarting but the iPad will not connect. The iPad *can* connect quite happily over Wifi and that is completely normal. Anyone else have this problem?

    Update: Got a message saying there's a problem with 'message broadcasting' on the Ipv4 interface. Deep joy...
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    I’ve not seen it but I would recommend connecting via USB instead - even if you got WiFi to work. Physical connection in my experience is much more responsive.


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      Now it’s my turn to worry: Neither connecting via Lightning cable nor WiFi works this morning. Metaserver (at the 2.2.1 redownloaded level) is not showing up in the menu bar on my (Catalina) MacBook Pro.

      I don’t know how to debug this.


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        My fault: I had my iPad cabled through a switched powered USB hub. Somehow the port my iPad was attached to was switched off.