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Devs update on future MetaGrid development

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  • Devs update on future MetaGrid development

    Hi Guys, we have been quiet for some time - but it doesn't mean we stopped working on MetaGrid. Quite on the contrary, we have been extremely busy with MetaGrid2 - we are finishing our first internal beta cycle and we are slowly preparing for closed external MG2 beta tests. We will start "leaking" some info soon - starting from the next week we will start publishing some weekly videos on the upcoming features. Thanks for your patience and understanding - for a couple of months we have been working very, very hard to make it happen and we are sure it will be totally worth it. We love MG2 :-). So stay in tune -= - good things are coming!

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    Oh yes. I am looking forward.


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      I’ve been checking this forum daily for weeks in hopes of hearing such good news! Thanks for letting us know that MG2 is getting close! Meanwhile, I depend entirely on MG to navigate the endless menus and functions of Cubase and other programs. Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up in MG2!
      Many thanks!
      p.s. Hope my pesky Cubase key command shortcut bug is on the fix list, hint, hint... : )