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  • Metagrid 2.0 Update Price

    Hi dear Metasystem Team,

    i was wondering, if the upcoming 2.0 Update of Metagrid, will be free for 1.7.X Users ?

    Thank you,


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    Auxiliary.inn MG2 will be a separate app - we want to leave MG1 in the App Store for the people who will still be using older iPads. We will offer a very generous free version for MG2 - but you will need to buy MG2 (one time fee, no subscription). I will make a short video about pricing and the way we see it and post it next week.


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      Intereresting!! Can users run Metagrid 1 AND Metagrid 2 or can it only be one or the other (you'll know why I'm asking 😉)


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        David T Yes, you will be able to simultanously use both MG1 and MG2 to control your computer :-).


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          So buying it now isn't a very good idea, I suppose ? I'm very keen on using it for DORICO.


          • Przemek
            Przemek commented
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            It will take some time before MG2 is released (depending on the beta phase results). You will be able to import the MG1 content into MG2. And MG1 is already a very useful tool that can save tons of time so from the perspective of overall time/money value, buying it MG1 now is not a bad decision :-). And you will support MG2 development with your purchase ;-).

          • MartinGr
            MartinGr commented
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            Yes, the idea was good.
            But I returned it after an hour of trying. It doesn't work with a German keyboard layout.
            If it were only the umlauts, I could have lived with it. And took other shortcuts (what didn't work. But maybe there is a solution for it)
            But , : ; etc are mapped wrong too. I'm out until there is an international version available. Sorry...

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          Originally posted by Przemek View Post
          David T Yes, you will be able to simultanously use both MG1 and MG2 to control your computer :-).
          That's great news! Thanks.


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            Honestly, for myself, MG1 is so good I doubt I want to upgrade to MG2.

            It has nothing to do with price. I have seen some of the MG2 features such as custom button size, and would not use them. More importantly, is when MG2 is released, historically there will be many issues, and I want to avoid what I have experienced prior when upgrading MG upon release or even a after few months.

            If the user upgrades to MG2, can MG2 be made to look and function just like MG1? Or another way to ask is can you go to preferences, and disable new MG2 features you don't want to use?

            Of course over time, unless Przemek continues with MG1 updates to accommodate new Cubase versions, which is once a year, MG1 will slowly fade due to new Cubase KCs and features. Then it's time to upgrade.

            And thank you Przemek for a wonderful app.


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              greggybud Good to hear MG1 is useful for you :-). MG Pro will take it to the next level but naturally for many scenarios MG1 is enough. There will be a generous free version that you will be able to play with and use every day so you will have time to make your mind about it.


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                I just re-discovered Metagrid after discovering that Keymand has, apparently, gone out of business. Do you have a projected release date and price for Metagrid 2.0 (Metagrid Pro)?


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                  MG Pro will be released early November. There will be a generous free version - one fully usable 6 x 6 grid for testing and some basic usage. The price for the full version is not set yet - still considering our options here.