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MetaGrid 2 Sneak Peek #6: MIDI CC faders and MIDI Steps action

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  • MetaGrid 2 Sneak Peek #6: MIDI CC faders and MIDI Steps action

    Hi Guys, here is the next sneak peek for MG2 - I am sure you will like it :-).

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    Hi Przemek. Great to see MG 2 is moving along quickly!

    I love the increment/decrement idea. Is there any chance we might be able to assign buttons like these to velocity at some point in the future? it would be very useful to be able to nudge velocities up and down via a button...

    Also, is pitchbend going to be possible to send? And if so, do the faders automatically snap back to 0 when you release a pitchbend fader?



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      Thanks for the feedback. This solution is just the beginning - we want to use this for other things including note velocity as well. And the pitch bend wheels are on our list as well. Let's hope that MG Pro will sell well and we will have enough resources to implement it.


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        Thanks Przemek. I hope it does very well fo you, and all of us who love MG. I'll certainly be talking it up on VI-Control just as soon as the new version releases.
        Hope testing it going well!