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MG2 Progress report - MG2 Beta under Apple review

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  • MG2 Progress report - MG2 Beta under Apple review

    Hi Guys - first of all my apologies for being quiet for the last three weeks - I needed to focus entirely on MG2 development to complete some important milestones. So we have sent MG2 Beta for Apple review which is a HUGE step forward. We have completed all dev tasks and hopefully, once Apple approves the build, we will share MG2 with the beta group. I am very, very happy about it. And to be honest, I love MG2 - already using it in my production environment.

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    Congrats Przemek. Glad to see more sneak peaks. I'm sure I speak for a lot of users by saying I'm very excited by what you've shown so far and really look to watching the new sneak peaks. Cheers!