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Looking forward to Metagrid 2

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  • Looking forward to Metagrid 2

    It will be great to see Metagrid 2 released, especially because sliders will be added. Sliders are a great addition and perfect for working with DAWs like Studio One :-). Przemek, I also have another question about handling velocities? Is this possible or is this a limitation of the iPad?
    Thanks in advance for your excellent work :-)

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    Hi Claude - what do you mean by "handling velocities"? Sorry for the probably stupid question but I need more info :-).


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      When I input a midi note on I want to include the note velocity - not a fixed velocity but one that somehow reflects how hard I push the key/button. For example a loud drum hit or a medium or soft one etc. Sorry I wasn’t clear ?


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        Ok, I get it now. That's very difficult to make it right with the current technology, I am afraid - I have already created a concept work for this but it is far from being consistently reliable and it is not suitable for the commercial release. But we will definitely want to add a custom piano/pad keyboard grid for MetaGrid Pro in the future.


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          Yes. The only ways I can imagine it might work is
          1. By using the surface area of the finger placed on the screen or
          2. If you are using a long key (eg like a piano key), the bottom end is lower velocity and the further up the key you press, the higher velocity or
          3. Use the mod wheel / slider to input velocity (similar to dynamics)

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        DCPImages I experimented with 1 and it was not a reliable solution - I couldn't get consistent velocities. Options 2 and 3 are viable options and will be used in the keyboard module for MetaGrid Pro to be released in the future.


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          The advantage of the modwheel / slider option is that it could be used with buttons (and doesn’t lock you to a keyboard) :-)