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Exporting Metagrid database in Metagrid 1.4.6

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  • Exporting Metagrid database in Metagrid 1.4.6

    Hi guys

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to save a 'custom' Metagrid template from version 1.4.6.

    I'm buying a new ipad so I can update to the latest iOS and latest version of Metagrid. I've made a custom Metagrid template for Logic X and want to save it then import it onto my new ipad.

    I've backed up my old ipad to itunes but when I try to restore it to my new ipad it says it can't as the iOS is to old.

    Any help would be great...

    Many thanks

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    Lordfader - you need to copy the Metagrid database files through Finder. Here is the instruction (from the MG 1.4 user guide):

    1. Connect your iPad device to your computer with Lightning to USB cable.
    2. Open Finder
    3. In the sidebar, in Location section select your iPad device.
    4. Go to Files and select Metagrid icon. You will see 3 Metagrid documents: Metagrid, Metagrid-shm, Metagrid-wal
    5. Select the documents and drag them to your desktop or your file manager.
    6. Disconnect your source iPad.
    7. Connect another iPad with Metagrid installed.
    8. Repeat steps 1-4.
    9. Delete the existing Metagrid files.
    10. Drag and drop the copied Metagrid documents to Metagrid folder in Finder.
    11. Click Sync button to synchronize.


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      Hi: Can i import an old database (1.4.6) on the new 1.6 version?...if answer is I'm in windows 10


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        Jaime - by copying the three database files mentioned above.