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All grid buttons open color palette in Logic Pro?

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  • All grid buttons open color palette in Logic Pro?

    I’ve been using Metagrid for a few years now and it has really enhanced my workflow. I recently updated Logic, Metaserver and the iPad app all to the latest versions (as of yesterday, it’s all up to date) and now any button I press on Metagrid just does the same thing, which is open the Color Palette. I removed the plugin bundle
    from Logic (as it was still there under Control Surfaces from a previous version) and tried all of the obvious things: restarting several times and eventually reinstalling everything from scratch — actually losing my customized template on the way! — but without any progress.

    Unfortunately Metagrid has become unusable this way. Does anyone have any suggestion to what might have happened and/or how to fix this?

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    Not trying to spam but I still have not managed to solve this. Logic Remote, Avid Control and all sorts of MIDI apps seem to work fine, any idea what the problem could be? It’s such an odd issue, as it was working perfectly before. The console/log don’t seem to show anything relevant to this either. Is there any way to see what messages are actually received by Logic? It could be useful to narrow down the problem.


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      Hi Hidomo - which Logic version do you use? If the latest one, MG now supports Logic with Apple scripts instead of MIDI and your may be missing some permissions. Please email us at [email protected] - we will handle this through the support ticket.