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Metagrid / Logic Pro X buttons not working or wrong behaviour

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  • Metagrid / Logic Pro X buttons not working or wrong behaviour

    Using Metagrid 1.8.0, Logic Pro 10.7.4, MacOS 12.1, iOS 12.5.5

    When using Logic Pro, Metagrid correctly loads the viewset but none of the buttons work (including the Transport buttons) until something is selected in Logic.

    Once I've clicked somewhere in Logic (e.g. on a track) all Metagrid buttons on the Main, MIDI, Mixer and Toolbar pages (except the Strip Slience button on the Toolbar page - which doesn't appear to do anything) only cause the horizontal resolution to zoom in.

    Seems very strange - Any ideas pls?!?

    Update: Just rebooted both the Mac and iPad. The first button I pressed was Play/Stop - and it worked! But.... now all buttons just have the Play/Stop action. Aaargh!!!!

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    Do you use the legacy Control Surface file? If so, please remove it, MetaGrid now communicates with Logic through Apple Scripts - no setup needed. Let me know.


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      Thanks for your interest - No,not using the legacy control file.


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        Can you make sure you have the right permissions enabled in Mac's settings? See the attachment. If so, please uncheck the items, check them again and try again. Let me know.
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