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Complete Viewset for Avid Sibelius (1000+ buttons!)

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  • Complete Viewset for Avid Sibelius (1000+ buttons!)

    I hope I can post this here, if the admins think I should not have done it, please feel free to remove it but also drop me a line as a notice of what I did wrong!

    Following today's release of the Avid Sibelius 2021.2 update, I'm delighted to announce the release of my Metagrid Viewset for Sibelius.
    It is made up of 7 scenes, 14 views, with over 1000 buttons which take advantage of the new Command Search feature.
    You can read more about it and secure your copy here: but, as a Metagrid community member, I have secured a 30% discount for you, just use this link instead.

    Small bottom line: this is the tool I now use every day to engrave and I created it so that also others could benefit from it but, very important, it is completely customisable!
    If you have some suggestions or ideas for improving it, don't hesitate to let me know or contact me directly!

    Thank you

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    Absolutely amazing! Great job! I can't be happier. Just posted the info in our social media and I will put the info on our website this week as well.


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      Editing a comment
      Thank you so much!
      I’m sure there’s room for improvement and I’ll be listening for every piece of advice.
      Plus, any update will be lifetime free for who purchases it so, a win-win scenario for everyone!

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    Just added a small update (v1.1) to the viewset (2 new buttons & a few bug fixes)
    If you already have it, you should get an email shortly, otherwise ...!
    Thank you!