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[Win] Visual Studio 2019 - Viewset by Koda

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  • [Win] Visual Studio 2019 - Viewset by Koda

    A very simple but effective viewset if you develop with Visual Studio. I'm still adding features so I will keep the file updated here.
    Most are the default VS keybindings but consider that I'm using CodeMaid (which is a free extension and very very useful as much as simple so go get it!) and for example the "Clear Document" button executes two code maid action to clean the style of the open document and reorganize it.
    I also use CodeRush from devexpress, and the embeds on the violet column for example are CodeRush snippets. You select one or more lines and pressing the button smart embeds them.
    If some of the button won't work (very few... maybe just the ones I explained above) go in and edit the shortcuts.

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    Updated with debug buttons (default keybindings except for DISABLE ALL BREAKPOINTS which is not mapped in VB and I mapped to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9).
    Also added a "Toggle suggestion mode" if you like me hate intellisense completing words with space instead of tab.

    Attached both full viewset and single default view for Visual Studio.


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      Revised. Corrected some minor mispellings (showw instead of show) and revised layout for consistency and usability


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        Updated layout for consistency and added Expand All and Collapse All functions (pre existing Expand/Collapse works on single definition only)


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          Updated. Added windows on bottom row and removed some less/never used functions.
          Attached in zip bot viewset and single view.