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Improved import/export (no Dropbox lock)

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  • Improved import/export (no Dropbox lock)


    To get more user-shareable content, and more new Metagrid users, it would be crucial to be able to share layouts more easily than now (1.6). The current way of export/import via Dropbox is quite limited, and restricts the user-base to people using Dropbox.

    A good target reference on this front is the MidiDesigner iOS app: you can export and import files with the iOS built-in tools, like email - or Dropbox, if you wish. So if I want to share my layout with a colleague or potential Metagrid target audience, I can simply export it with iOS mail, and send as a file attachment, or have the file downloadable from any site. And in the receiving end, you just choose the layout file, and open it with MidiDesigner.

    Attached is an example screenshot with Midi Designer. Choose a file, and choose the iOS default "Open in app", and choose Midi Designer. With that, the layout is either merged or replaces the previous ones.

    I sincerely believe a simpler layout sharing (without the Dropbox requirement) would allow much wider content sharing across users. And hence more people being interested in purchasing Metagrid, with more content being easily available for Metagrid.

    All the best,

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    GitHub would be a good place.


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      Thanks for the insight - we are investigating the options to improve the flow.


      • MartinPacker
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        Glad you are: Ecosystem is essential to your success.

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      +1 to Dropbox alternative. Utilising the increasingly open iOS/iPadOS file system makes sense. Should be as easy as moving a pdf around. Otherwise the product is great. Thanks.


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        Does anyone know where I might find an Ableton template to import through Dropbox?


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          Metagrid 1.6.6 to be released within a couple of days will include the native iOS import/export functionality.


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            Metagrid 1.7 is out with native iOS share menu - thanks for your input!


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              Thank you very much.


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                Forgot to thank you for implementing this: thank you for listening and the quick implementation, this is awesome 😊 !