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Metagrid for iPad OS (for iPad OS)?

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  • Metagrid for iPad OS (for iPad OS)?

    I'm a longtime "pro" user of iPad OS music apps. I've been using Notion iOS since 2015 as a "serious" composition app. Recently I've adopted Dorico for iPad OS. Now that there are no limits on staves, it's possible to use it in a pro situation, (especially when used with decent AUv3 instruments).

    I'd like to control Dorico for iPad with another iPad using Metagrid. Does iPad OS prevent this from being possible at this time? Do you foresee this as being a possibility at some point?

    Steve Steele

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    Hi Steve - apologies for late reply. Currently we are investigating Apple shortcut integration - we can't talk to other apps on iOS because as you probably know every application "lives" in a dedicated sandpit - so I don't think it will be possible to control Dorico on iPad with MetaGrid I am afraid.


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      Would the app sandbox prevent Metagrid on one iPad from communicating with another instance of Metagrid on another iPad? I suppose depending on what they’re doing, they could just receive relevant into from the same Metasever, so both MGs are “in sync” so to speak. I was thinking if one iPad was used mainly as a transport, while the other for articulation switching, they could act like one multi screen app.


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        No, we can make make MG talk to other MG instances on other iPads through. MetaServer - this functionality is on our feature request list.