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Midi Learn of specific buttons / sliders

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  • Midi Learn of specific buttons / sliders

    I think it would be handy and useful to have the ability to "midi learn" specific buttons / sliders of Metagrid projects into a midi controller, and saved with the project. In my case I would just "set and forget" very common commands of my setup, making my workflow even more snappy.

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    How should it work exactly? To be saved for example with Cubase project, right? And recalled when you open the project?


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      I think the midi learned commands should be saved inside Metagrid project, because they could be also used for tasks outside the DAW.

      - I set a button or slider on Metagrid that will start a macro on Keyboard Maestro (open x folder, send x mail, open x program, control computer main volume etc)
      - I midi learn this button / slider into a midi controller and save it inside my Metagrid project.

      Now I will have specific buttons/sliders for specific tasks always ready for me in a midi controller, without losing the more dynamic and powerful elements of Metagrid.
      I could even create a "midi learn" hidden workspace where I'd put all midi learned commands, leaving my Metagrid project tidy.
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        That would require MGPro to interface directly with your MIDI controller - our MIDI ports are accessible for DAWs only. I have added it to the FR list.


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          Thank you a lot. I think it would be massively useful