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[IMPLEMENTED] Time Saving Suggestions

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  • [IMPLEMENTED] Time Saving Suggestions

    A couple of time saving suggestions. Both involve keeping items in focus and both occur a lot while adding or editing in Metagrid

    A) If I merge something, it's highly likely that I'm doing so because I want to add an object into that space. At the moment the sequence is:

    1. Select the cells to be merged
    2. Press Merge
    3. Select the Merged Cells
    4. Select Add
    5. Select Button or Fader

    I was wondering whether we could away with Step 3 by having the cells that have just been merged (Step 2) already selected.

    B) Continuing on from 5 (above)....

    (5) Select Button or Fader
    6. Select Object Mode
    7. Select the button or fader you've just created
    8. Start editing...

    Could we do away with Step 7 by keeping the button or fader you created (Step 5) already selected?

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    OK - valid points - we will investigate it.


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      I also agree with this policy.
      Now, once you clear it, it will take time and effort.


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        We will implement these suggestions till the end of Beta1 cycle.


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          Thanks so much for implementing this - I've tried it a few times and it seems to be working perfectly.


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            David T Thanks for your ideas, David.


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              I've been thinking about this for a few days. Is there a reason why cells need to be deselected automatically?

              In the Time Saving suggestions above, we've skipped Stage 3, but we still need to do Step 7. (I appreciate this may be scheduled for a future version). There are other examples - merging and splitting come to mind - where having cells automatically deselected also adds to the workload.

              I find myself wondering if, since selecting cells / objects is a user decision, deselecting cells and objects should also only ever be a user decision. There may be some cases where this approach adds to the workload, but overall I think it would reduce it significantly.


              • Przemek
                Przemek commented
                Editing a comment
                The deselection on editor type change and on split/merge will be fixed in the last Beta2 build next week. Thanks David.

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              David T Should be implemented in build 10823. Let me know if it works as expected for you.


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                Thanks for this. Step 7 now works perfectly. The only one I can now find is if you split cells and want to split them again, you'll have to reselect them first