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    A couple of time saving suggestions. Both involve keeping items in focus and both occur a lot while adding or editing in Metagrid

    A) If I merge something, it's highly likely that I'm doing so because I want to add an object into that space. At the moment the sequence is:

    1. Select the cells to be merged
    2. Press Merge
    3. Select the Merged Cells
    4. Select Add
    5. Select Button or Fader

    I was wondering whether we could away with Step 3 by having the cells that have just been merged (Step 2) already selected.

    B) Continuing on from 5 (above)....

    (5) Select Button or Fader
    6. Select Object Mode
    7. Select the button or fader you've just created
    8. Start editing...

    Could we do away with Step 7 by keeping the button or fader you created (Step 5) already selected?

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    OK - valid points - we will investigate it.


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      I also agree with this policy.
      Now, once you clear it, it will take time and effort.


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        We will implement these suggestions till the end of Beta1 cycle.


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          Thanks so much for implementing this - I've tried it a few times and it seems to be working perfectly.


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            David T Thanks for your ideas, David.