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  • [IMPLEMENTED] Mac/Window

    One of my main issues in MG1 is switching between Mac and Win PC, since the shortcuts may differ in some cases.

    If I’m working in eg Dorico, I want the grids to look the same no matter what computer I use. In my earlier setup in MG1 I was experimenting with secondary layouts to separate the Win and Mac versions but it didn’t work out so well. The problem is that if I add a button in the Mac version I also have to add it in the Win version. My dream would be if those grids could be the same so I don’t have to manually update both when making changes to one of them.
    For that reason I’m thinking of a possibility to add shortcuts for both Win and Mac side by side directly in the buttons so that MG can use the appropriate one depending on the computer system. (Mac/Win) Maybe this isn’t possible at all, but just a thought…



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    That's an interesting idea, Mats - definitely worth investigating. That we could ditch the whole Win/Mac concept in the Content Manager. But that would require lots of changes...


    • MatsHall
      MatsHall commented
      Editing a comment
      That would be awesome and could also streamline the workflow even more. As for now I must have two separate setups for my different computers (Win/Mac). ❤️

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    Implemented in Beta2