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Relationship between "split" and "+ ADD"

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  • Relationship between "split" and "+ ADD"

    Relationship between "split" and "+ ADD"

    The split and button addition functions are separated.
    It is presumed that it has two functions, a button and a fader.
    However, the user only has the function of the button, and even if it can be done, it may be easier to understand.

    So I will make one suggestion
    I think there is a physical problem with the screen. .. ..
    It may be easier to make if there is a default initial setting somewhere. .. ..
    It would be nice if there were the number of divisions and the type of button to be created at the beginning.
    Click image for larger version

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    Hironobu Nakakubo Thanks for the suggestion. MGPro will feature more grid objects so the proposed solution will not be a good way to handle this. Apart from this, the radio buttons are not used in the iOS environment. I know it would be more efficient to combine the spit/merge action with adding a new object but I guess it is not that easy :-).