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  • Keyboard Maestro parameters

    I have a lot of KM macros that use the %TriggerValue% as a parameter to determine what needs to be done. It would be great if Metagrid included a parameter field that it could append to the call to the macro.

    Example: One of my macros opens, brings to the foreground or closes the plugin window for the instrument in a particular layer. When I call the macro, I pass it the layer number and the function (open or close) as a comma-separated parameter string. Without this, I have to make a separate macro for each possible option.

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    That would require some tighter integration with KM I guess because at the moment we just trigger the macros without modifying the content or influencing the flow. It would be great but we have limited resources so I don't think it will happen soon.


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      There is a simple solution to this that would not require any tighter integration. Could you provide us an action type that allows us to launch a URL?

      If you look at the trigger section at the top of each macro in KM, one of the options is to trigger by URL and you can append any parameters you want as a string. For example:


      This is how I currently launch macros with passed parameters from Touch Portal.

      There is also the benefit that people could use the new "Launch URL" action for other purposes as well.


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        Ok, that makes sense - we will investigate it.