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An uninstall App specific resources feature

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  • An uninstall App specific resources feature

    So this might be specific to my DAW DP, but the way Metagrid accesses DP's Commands to facilitate grid functions is though Metagrid specific CC commands, it's brilliant, doesn't interfere or conflict with regular keyboard shortcuts that don't use MIDI. The problem comes with the possibility of wanting to uninstall Metagrid, or if Metasystem goes under. I as an end user of DP end up with hundreds of CC messages that absolutely need the Metaserver to be running on my system if I'm not wanting issues. DP defaults the CC messages to ANY as soon as the Metaserver isn't running which means that things like MPE controllers start firing off commands related to CC 74 etc. They need to be attached to the sever or they cause problems.

    So if I develop Metagrid specific and regular key command specific shortcuts for parts of DP in my dpkeybinding file, I'm reliant 100% on Metagrid to be around for as long as I use DP. It's always possible apple or Microsoft etc. come along and offer you guys some ridiculous sum to work for them, it's happened a dozen times to various pieces of music software I've used.

    A long way of saying I really need an uninstall option for the Metagrid keybindings for DP, it's super important that I can keep my normal custom shortcuts along with Metagrids and separately for safety reasons. You can install the commands without interfering with my custom ones so I would guess the script can work in reverse.