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Latching Layers communicate thru scenes

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  • Latching Layers communicate thru scenes

    I created a Control Room set up where I can switch among different audio sources, and the selected audio source is highlighted when I press it, telling me which one is active.
    It works pretty nicely. I love it I have to say.
    My problem is that I copied this group of Grids on all my scenes, but the settings of the relative active grids is not communicated to the next scene.
    It would be very nice if Latching Layers would communicate thru scenes, and the actual setting was remembered when switching to another scene.
    I uploaded a short video to show what I am meaning

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    At this moment, each grid is a self-contained unit and the switches don't broadcast their states between grids. Naturally, if they are MIDI-based with bi-directional communication the states will be updated when switching grids. Have you thought about moving the common switch group to OmniSpace or a dedicated grid available from other grids? I know it is not the same - but currently we don't have solution for this.


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      Ok thank you. I'll stick with it so. Not a big problem, just fine tuning