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MetaGrid Pro Beta1 build 10110 released

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  • MetaGrid Pro Beta1 build 10110 released

    1. Improved visibility for empty slots (now empty slots are presented as rectangles with grey borders and black fill)
    2. Now you can specify button text size by decrementing/incrementing by 1 point
    3. Selection is now kept while switching between object/layout mode
    4. Selection is now kept after merging cells
    5. Selection is now kept after adding a object to a slot
    6. OmniSpace button is now active in the Edit mode

    **Bug fixes:**
    - MGPro does no longer crash on profile import
    - MGPro now correctly recognises .mvset files from MetaGrid v1 and enables to import them as workspaces
    - GridDisplay options in Button Editor now are functional on smaller devices
    - The last line of icons in the Icon Selector is selectable now
    - Switch groups are now correctly created for the imports from MG1
    - Selecting a Logic command no longer crashes MGPro
    - Buttons don’t disappear when split as the smallest slots
    - various fixes for reported crashes

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    Thanks Przemek.

    1. Visibility is great now - very easy to see, even at the smallest resolution.

    2. The text size is a really useful development - there's a lot more user control now and that in turn allows for more flexibility over the content in that field. I love it ...

    3, 4 and 5. Again, perfect. All very useful.


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      Today's update is great
      When the button text becomes free size, it is very easy to layout and I am happy.
      Users will also like it.


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        Thanks guys for your feedback - we are working hard to make this app great :-). And your feedback is steering it in the right direction!


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          Hi Przemek. Just wondering if it's not too late to have a go at the Beta version. My email is [email protected]
          I currently use Metagrid 1.7 with Dorico and am looking forward to Metagrid Pro. Cheers Simon. P.S. Great App!


          • Przemek
            Przemek commented
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            Sure - I will add you to the beta team when we will release the first Beta 2 build next week. Thanks Simon for kind words!

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          I’d love to be able to beta test the upcoming metagrid pro. I just bought the most recent version and subsequently learned of the new version after checking out the website and then reading through the forum. Also, wondering if there are any community-made configurations for graphics/design-oriented software. My email is [email protected].



          • Przemek
            Przemek commented
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            We will be releasing the first Beta2 build next week - you will get the TestFlight info then. Thanks for the purchase and supporting us!

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          Would also love to try Pro, I’ve just lost all my settings so need to reprogram from scratch :/
          might as well do it in the next version!
          [email protected]
          thank you!


          • Przemek
            Przemek commented
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            Hi! You will get the invite once we release Beta2 build (early next week at the latest)

          • scavenger
            scavenger commented
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            wonderful, thank you!