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  • Momentary Switch - Piano

    I set myself the task of putting together a piano layout using Momentary Switches. This was the result...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Piano.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	426.5 KB ID:	2464

    I tried something altogether fancier to begin with but moved away from that pretty quickly. This approach gave me access to the most notes (which, for me, would be the best result). I was delighted to be able to get all the way from C1 to E8 on a single screen. Bingo!

    It doesn't work at the moment because I found some issues with note on/ note off which I've mentioned elsewhere and which I'm sure will be sorted. So, I'm confident that this could work.

    I'm posting it here today because in course of making it, I found a few other things.

    1) Editing Layouts. I should have mentioned this before in my previous posts - in Layout Edit mode the background is VERY difficult to read. There's almost no distinction between cells, borders and the background. Even when you add something you still have to look closely. Thinking about it, I'm not sure why - if all we're doing is merging, splitting, adding and clearing - the layout edit screen needs to be so dark. It would be more useful if it were patently obvious where all the boundaries are. Making the different aspects easily visible in Layout Edit Mode is the key aspect here.

    2) Background Colour. I wanted the black notes - sharps and flats - to be black (as they are on every keyboard). However, they can't be because the background is black. So I settled for this shade of grey that's just about distinctive enough to stand out from the background. However, I found myself wanting to be able to change the background colour - for example, to #6e6edf. Customisable Grid backgrounds would add personality and distinctiveness to Metagrid Pro. Something to consider?

    3) Copying and Pasting I'm not sure if when you're copying something, you need to see the button edit screen appearing. I can see situations where it might be needed, but I think the majority of the time all you want is to be able to copy something to a different cell on the screen. You don't need the Button Edit screen and having it there is making is making what you're trying to do more difficult.

    4) Adding and Clearing. These buttons are every bit as relevant to Object Mode as they are to Layout Mode. You should be able to add and delete a button or a fader in Object Mode. It's not unique to Layout Mode.

    5) Bugs. 1) When I was changing the text on the buttons I found that I could switch across to other buttons and AN edit would stick. This approach had an impact on what text field was updated - was it on the on or the off state? In the end the only reliable method was to close the keyboard and move on to the next button. There's ambiguity in the current process that could lead to errors. 2) If I changed the text colour in some OFF states to black, what showed up was grey.

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    Hi David - that grid loooks awsome :-)

    1. OK, we will experiment with something more visible.

    2. Added it to the Feature Request - but it will not go into MGPro initial release.

    3. OK, point taken. So do you prefer to show/hide the editor pane manually?

    4. OK, thanks for your comment - I see your point - we were debating for a long time before the implementation. Moving object insertion/deletion to the layout section made the object editor a bit cleaner and simpler - otherwise you would have to handle empty slots in the object editor and the top bar space is really limited for the additional buttons. We needed to make some UX/UI related copromises...

    5.1 - ok, I will investigate it - it should be fixed.

    5.2 Can you describe a precise repo scenario for this?


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      Thanks as always Przemek.

      3. I'm tempted to say yes, knowing I can always drag the edit screen in or out, but I suspect the way you have it currently set up is correct except for the copying / pasting aspect. It occurred to me last night that maybe the answer is to not show the edit screen when the copy button has been pushed, but show it after the paste button has been pushed. I'm working on the basis that you wouldn't want to edit an object before you pasted it, only afterwards.

      5.2 I've tried to replicate the fault this morning but haven't been able to do so. If I come across it again, I'll let you know.
      Last edited by David T; 08-27-2021, 08:39 AM.


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        David - regarding 3 - we have already though about this solution before but this solution has some underlying problems:

        1. Inconsistent behaviour - that is a bad UX practice - in some situations the editor is visible, in others (for the fresh users the same situations) it is not.
        2. Two actions are logically unrelated - copy -> hide editor - it is not a natural consequence/result - therefore rather bad UX practice

        Please not that the editor is not visible in the multi selection mode - perhaps that will make it a bit easier for you.


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          This is a fantastic layout David T. I have just started my journey with Metagrid Pro. It is quite the amazing app. Unfortunately for me, I can't find any documentation on how to make a basic momentary Note-On button. When I go to trigger my notes they just stay on. So my key switching in DP are pretty much useless. I sure would love to know how you accomplished this.


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            trevortunes Creating a momentary button in MG is very easy. Here are the steps:

            1. In Edit mode in MetaGrid Pro select the button you want to be a momentary switch.
            2. In the Edit Pane tap the down arrow next to the orange Button text. Select Momentary switch.
            3. Create macro for the Off state with action Note Off and set the correct note and midi channel.
            4. Create macro for the On state with the Note On action and set the same note and midi chanel as for step 3.

            Now the button should work as a piano key - and please note that the MIDI messages are sent on the Metasystem MIDI ports.


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              Thank you for putting these instructions together. I followed them but seem to be still having the problem where Digital Performer is not recognizing the Note-Off as I remove my finger from the iPad Button.

              I made a short video and have included a link to it in this email in hoping that you might see a problem with my setup.



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                Ok, Trevor - thanks for your detailed explanation. I have made the mistake in points 3 and 4 - for the Off state youneed to add the Note On action and for the On state you need to add Note Off state. It should work fine then.


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                  Hi Przemek. I just downloaded the new DP Preset grid for MetaGrid Pro and it is fantastic. Thanks so much for providing this to us DP users!

                  With regard to keyswitches (and any MetaGrid Pro settings for Digital Performer for that matter):

                  I made the adjustments you stated above, ( Note On in the Off state and Note Off in the On state) but the notes were still getting stuck in the "on" position when I recorded into DP until I stopped the recording. I was about to call it quits on this however -

                  I decided to restart Digital Performer and now, the changes have taken effect. I was assuming that the Metaserver updated automatically after making changes on the iPad, but apparently a software reboot is what it needs.

                  I am very relieved and really excited to have this workflow enhancement!
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                  • Przemek
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                    Hi Trevor - I am glad you like our new DP grid :-).