Hi, thanks to the last build I was finally able to import my Cubase Workspace into Metagrid Pro
In my workspace I have 7 scenes, all of which have a secondary view, and I usually move from scene to scene with the bottom scene bar or by swiping with one finger.
In Metagrid Pro I'm unable to swipe and the scene bar is on the left, so there's no space to actually see all the scene and the relative names and I can't find a setting that would allow me to have the scene bar on the bottom, like in Metagrid.
I really hope that this is something that will be possible before the final release, because my Cubase workflow heavily depend on this, I wanted to attach a couple of screenshots to better illustrate my point but, apparently, the forum is not allowing me to do this, or maybe I'm too dumb to understand how to do it


(Luca) Project