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Still crash on V1 import

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  • Still crash on V1 import

    I'm sorry to say that MGP still crashes when importing my V1-Dorico View set. Tried both the whole Workspace and a single grid. Crash on both.

    Strange since, as you said earlier, you can import them without any crash.

    MGP build 10775
    Metaserver Build 1029 (Mac)
    iPad Air 2 os 14.7.1

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    Hi Mats,

    I've just imported a very large Viewset (118 layouts) successfully with the latest version of MG Pro. If you post your Viewset here, I'll see if it's crashing on my setup.

    MGP build 10775
    Metaserver build1029 (Mac)
    iPad Pro 12.9" os 14.8


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    I was able to import it OK. There are 6 grids - correct? I'm now wondering whether the problem is hardware / OSX related.

    One thing I did notice: The text box editor after import only had three sizes (XS to M). I've just checked after importing an .mvset of my own and the same thing happened there as well.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_D8E76DDCE13D-1.jpeg
Views:	11
Size:	851.1 KB
ID:	2923

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_A1FA876F9C5F-1.jpeg
Views:	10
Size:	700.0 KB
ID:	2924


    • MatsHall
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      Hmmm, strange... Well, it doesn't seem to be OSX-related, since I get the crash on my PC as well. But since both you and Przemek can import the viewset it rather seems to be something with my iPad.

      ...if I'm not doing anytyhing completely wrong. This how it looks:

      Thanks for looking into it!

      Last edited by MatsHall; 10-14-2021, 08:10 AM.

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    Apologies - I meant IOS. But anyway - yes, definitely a crash. FWIW I occasionally import workspaces and it appears to hang - nothing happens. Then it reverts back to looking like the workspace hasn't been imported but if I switch out of the Profile and back in again I can see that it has been imported.


    • MatsHall
      MatsHall commented
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      Hehe, no worries. Well, I managed to import once in an earlier build, but now it's sort of impossible. I guess I'll have to manually redo my workspaces in MGP.