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  • Custom Icons - updating

    I'm having difficulty updating Custom Icons. If I change an icon, but keep the same name, I'm still left looking at the old icon. It is possible, but it involves deleting files, resetting Metagrid and then reposting files - a lot of work.

    Can we have a "refresh" facility (similar to Keyboard Maestro macros) for Custom Icons please?

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    OK, David - we will investigate it - it is a bug that we missed.


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      David - we have repeated the steps as:
      1. Open Icon Selector
      2. Select Custom and check the icons made available by the server
      3. Close the selector.
      4. On my desktop, replace an icon but keep the same name.
      5. Go to Icon Selector again.
      6. Select Custom and see the updated icon displayed correctly.
      Can you please confirm these steps and confirm that I understood the issue correctly?


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        Hi Przemek, Yes - those are the correct steps but

        6. Select Custom and see the updated icon displayed correctly ... is (for me)

        6. Custom is automatically selected and the old icon is still displayed.


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          How many icons do you have in your custom icons folder.
          How long did you wait in the icon selector after point 5 for refresh, before you decided there would be no result?


          • David T
            David T commented
            Editing a comment
            Hi Robert,

            450 Icons and there was no immediate result, nor any change when I checked back after 5 minutes.

            Best regards,

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          Refresh tooks 20 seconds for me (when there are above 700 icons) but anyway it's too long when only one icon was changed. It will be fixed and I hope it will remove your problem.


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            Thanks Robert.


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              HI Robert,

              Any update on this? I've posted a couple of graphics (one into a folder with just 6 icons in it) and 15 minutes later there's still no sign of them. I've shut down and restarted both MetaServer and Metagrid Pro - no luck.

              I don't know whether a refresh button is an option you've considered but it would solve this problem perfectly.

              (I'm on a Wi-Fi connection btw)


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                I have this problem too. MetaGrid Pro doesn't update icons. I've spent a few hours fixing the problem, but it was a waste of time.


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                  We are working adding the Refresh button - it will be available in v1.0.4 scheduled for the next week.


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                    Thanks Przemek - great news. That’ll be really helpful.