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Sibelius Ultimate profile and workspace updated for Metagrid Pro

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  • Sibelius Ultimate profile and workspace updated for Metagrid Pro

    !!!! UPDATE BELOW !!!!

    Dear all,
    I am incredibly proud to announce the release of the updated (1.2) version of my viewset for Sibelius, now compatible with MetaGrid PRO.
    If you already own it, you should have received an email prompting you to download it, or simply go to your Gumroad profile where the new version will be included.
    I have now separated the purchase options, allowing you to choose between the old Metagrid version, the new MetaGrid PRO version, or a bundle, for just a small price increase.
    If you are reading this, then you are a member of this forum, and thus you can get a 30% discount on it using this link here.

    Thank you for your ongoing support!

    (OCTOBER 2022 - UPDATE 1.3)
    • Added Windows support (yes, all the 1000+ buttons will work on Windows PC! FINALLY!)
    • Changed the Scrub Forward and Scrub Backward shortcuts to Alt+[ and Alt+]
    • Added Selection Tab with the new selection commands added in 22.9
    • Added navigation button in File Tab
    • Removed dependency from Keyboard Maestro​

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1368.png Views:	220 Size:	615.3 KB ID:	3782
    Last edited by NotationMaster; 10-01-2022, 08:12 PM. Reason: updated with announcement of version 1.3 with Windows support

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    NotationMaster Bravo! That was quick


    • NotationMaster
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      I actually worked on it for most of the beta phase :-)
      But today I dedicated my efforts at publishing it!

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    Hi Michael. Is there any update on this viewset being able to be used with Windows 11 and the latest build for Sibelius. I have changed platforms recently and would really like to continue using this viewset. You mentioned in the Readme file that Sibelius Windows shortcuts are quite different. Is it worth me trying to build my own? or is it a waste of time do you think. I'm definitely not an expert with Metagrid Pro that's for sure. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers and all the best, Simon


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      Hi Simon, and thank you for your interested in my viewset.
      The shortcuts files for Windows & macOS are different in file format and not compatible. I would have programmed it separately if I had access to a Windows machine. If you try to run Sibelius on Windows with Metasystem and launch Metagrid Pro, the viewset should launch. You will notice, though, that no button works because no macro for Windows is set up.
      Sadly, the only solution for Windows users is that they set up each macro in the viewset for themselves, the only advantage being that the viewset is already there.

      I am aware that the Sibelius team is working on something big for Q1 2023 and I hope something will be done to integrate Websocket communication, allowing a single command to be platform and locale independent (this last in particular is huge as right now only EN-US is supported). When and if that happens, the Metagrid team will have to open the communication between the two softwares and, at that point, I may be able to do something about all this!

      I am sorry for not being able to do more than this but, as I hope you can see, too many things are not in my control.
      I hope you enjoyed the viewset until now! A review in your Gumroad library would be most appreciated :-)

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    Hi Michael.

    This sentence got me intrigued "Sadly, the only solution for Windows users is that they set up each macro in the viewset for themselves, the only advantage being that the viewset is already there."
    Is this very hard to do? or very time consuming or both? I'm keen to learn so if it was worth my while I'd probably chip away at it. Avid really need to do something big in their ancient soundset and playback system. I'll go no further because the rest of the program is top notch! If they matched their playback with their ability to customize instruments it would be perfect. I'll find where to leave you a review for sure! Thanks agian for your response. I'm going to miss having that keypad on my tablet. Damn! Cheers Simon.


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      There are more than 1.000 buttons. Setting one takes about 30s, let's say one minute for times when Metagrid forgets things mid-process. So that's ~17hrs of work, for which I would need a CSV file of someone who has mapped ALL the buttons to something in their Keyboard Shortcuts in Preferences, then send me the shortcuts file from their computer. If I did this alone it would maybe be quicker, but since I know Avid is working on something here I decided to wait for their move.
      What I suggest you do is that you set up macros you use a lot one at a time, when you need. At least those would be mapped. If they already have a shortcut assigned you just need to set it up on Metagrid. If they don't you need to set up a shortcut in Sibelius' preferences and then set it up on Metagrid.
      I will take care to update you and the community as soon as I have news on this.
      Thank you for your understanding.

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    Thanks so much for your response Michael. If I was going to do it it definitely wouldn’t be soon anyway. I really just use standard keyboard shortcuts mostly. All of my work is mostly in Dorico which I haven’t got very close to starting a custom profile. David Tee was giving me some help but I really haven’t had time to get a profile going. I was using the Metagrid 1 Dorico profile and the Cubase one but Steinberg changed their software so I ended up with no Dorico one for the moment. If you could keep me informed that would be great. Even if it’s just on this post. Cheers Simon.


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      Just to let you know that I am now currently working on having the Sibelius viewset work on Windows, at least for the default actions.
      It will be ready hopefully soon (by the end of the month I hope!). I will let you know when it has shipped (free update for existing users of course!)

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    Dear Simon,
    in case you have not received the update email, version 1.3 of my MetaGrid PRO viewset for Sibelius is now live.
    I have edited the original post with the changelog.
    Please test it out, and let me know if things are working as expected. Contact me here if they don't.
    Thank you