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  • Cubase MIDI grid

    We are please to release the beautiful Cubase MIDI grid targeted at all MetaGrid Pro users who want to streamline their workflow with the MIDI editor in Cubase. The grid features over 200 commands based on our custom macros that include:

    - extensive MIDI event selection options
    - plethora of functions for popular CC parameters including CC ramps, compression/extension, copy between lanes and much more.
    - various velocity functions including ramps and selection options
    - useful quantization options
    - transpose options
    - track visibility options

    This beautiful and very functional grid is the showcase of MetaGrid’s flexibility and power. To get it, import the grid using the Import from Presets option available in the Share options in the Content Manager. You also need to download MetaSystem App Specific Resources v2.1 from our website ( and update the LE macros and metasystem2.xml file on your computer. And you will need MetaGrid v1.0.6 we have just released.

    The grid is available for free for the premium users. However, if you find it useful, you can always buy us a cup of coffee ([PayPal.Me]( ;-).

    Enjoy MetaGrid Pro!

    All the best from the MetaSystem Team.

    PS. we will make a video tutorial for this grid within a couple of days.

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    Nice grid! But the Metasystem app specific resources link only download version v2....


    • Przemek
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      You need to refresh your browser

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    After 6 refreshing browser...


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      Read the release notes files - it should be v2.1 - MacOS removes .1 from the name of the folder.