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Where to find the grids?

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  • Where to find the grids?

    Hello and sorry this is a beginner's question. I purchased Metagrid Pro Premium with the in-app purchases after watching this video The purchase was successful, but nothing new (new grids) shows up compared to the free version. I purchased the software because I tried the free sample grids and found them very nice. Now The only additional function I get is to create an unlimited amount of empty grids. I would like to get help on how to access grid on the youtube video which is "available for premium users". Thanks so much for your help!

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    Another beginner's question: The Premium version should be able to have more than 2 scenes right? I am still only able to use the two scenes from the free version. However, I can now add new ones in the Content Manager. I just couldn't use them.


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      Hi dragoncoast, thanks for your purchase and welcome to the MG club :-). For starters please watch to get the grasp for the basic concepts in MetaGrid Pro. There is a difference between the scene and a grid - scenes are placed on the side bar and can be assigned with two grids - primary and secondary. Please watch the quick guide and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out.