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Replacing Composer tools pro with metagrid, some midi fader questions

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  • Replacing Composer tools pro with metagrid, some midi fader questions

    Hi there,

    With the impending demise of Composer Tools Pro, I'm in the process of setting up Metagrid to replace it. All is going fine, but one of the things I'm missing is the ability to be able to set the default state of a MIDI slider. For example, if I'm controlling the vibrato level (CC2 for example) on a string library, I ideally want that fader to be at 0 by default (and also ideally send that level to cubase on track selection).

    I'm also wondering whether some kind of 'elastic' fader might be possible - in CTP, you could make a slider behave with a 'return to value on release' functionality, which was ideal for things like vibrato on strings.

    I'm also going to be seeing if it's possible to switch to a grid on track selection - this was possible in CTP as well.

    Przemek, it's perhaps worth you looking at CTP (assuming you don't know it already of course), it has some amazing functionality and I was very happy with it.

    My workaround at the moment is to add a block of MIDI for all my tracks, which sets things like mic positions etc in my VST instruments at the start of my Cubase template. Given the bi-directional communication between MGP and Cubase, that will actually work great for now.

    I'm really enjoying working with MGP, it's amazing. Oh yeah, final thing would be a desktop editor, it would speed the process no end.

    Thanks so much


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    Hi Mike - first of all, thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated. And kind words. We are open to any suggestions and improvements.

    1. Fader
    The fader will get substantial upgrade in MG1.4 - including the automatic return to the preset value. And much more

    2. CTP
    Yes, it is an amazing tool for composers. We will be implementing lots of the functionality like a harp object but with our twist to add some cool functionalities not possible in Lemur due to programming limitations.

    3. Track selection
    We are working on it - now it is possible with the new MIDI Remote standard. And we will be talking with the Steinberg team this week about some dedicated solutions - no high hopes, but we will try :-).

    Let's stay in touch and I am happy you have joined the MG club.


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      Thanks for coming back to me Przemek, I've been a VERY happy user of MG for years, I'm just now finally biting the bullet and augmenting my setup with MGPro. It's amazing, keep going, it's an incredible tool and I promote it whenever I can.

      I'm still using two ancient iPads with the original metagrid on them, so in total I have three. God knows what's going to happen with Cubase and the new remote standard, I do hope it doesn't cause too many problems for you.

      Thanks again,