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    Hello All

    I am using Metagrid Pro version 1.3.2 (build 17492) and I have been having a few problems since the upgrade last Novemeber (or thereabouts). I would like to make sure I am using the correct meta server versions. The issues I am facing are:
    1. In edit mode editing a button causes the iOS app to crash (dissappear). To edit something I need to put the app in Offline mode
    2. Connecting to cubase stoped working! If I switch to verion 2.3 of meta server it works straight away but if I switch to version or it is less likely to work.
    I am guessing that I am using the wrong Metaserver version or perhaps the wrong set of "Metasystem App Specific Resources" files, or I have mismatched them somewhere. I have gone over the cubase and metaserver setups and I believe I am using the same ones.

    In short, what version of the iOS app, windows meta server and app resources should I be using? If I can be certain I am usig the right ones then I can see if there are still any issues and I can report them then.



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    Note that if I use metaserver v2.3 the connection between cubase and Meta Grid works Ok, but if I use metaserver 3.4 it doesn't working. Is this a firewall issue?
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      James - please email us at [email protected] - we will take from there.


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        I have sent through four ips files for you.