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Metaserver blocked by anti virus

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  • Metaserver blocked by anti virus

    Installed metaserver yesterday all ok.tried to start it today blocked by anti virus software,tried to redownload from website today again blocked as it is Trojan ware - object name-UDS:Trojan.Multi.GenericML.sabr . any advice would be most helpful

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    Hi, I'm having the same problem with Norton and Windows Defender. Unzip the Metaserver 2.1.3 file and Norton says it's unsafe and Defender refuses to let me run it.


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      Hi Patrickh and several others are having the same problem check that out as that has been responded to cheers


      • patrickh
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        Ehm, actually, I do *not* have the same problem. My virusscanner is not blocking metaserver and does not seem to be the reason for metaserver crashing.

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      Same problem here, am unable to run the latest Metaserver 2.1.3 on Windows 10 with Kaspersky antivirus.

      Kaspersky flagging the .exe here as Trojan.Win32.Ekstak.ppji and immediately deleting the file as soon as its unzipped.

      No problems with any previous Metaserver instances and Kaspersky.


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        Hi Guys, we have extensively tested our production systems for viruses/maleware using Kaspersky/Norton and a few other systems - our systems are as clean as clean can be. The compiled build is clean as well. The problems start when the exe is extracted from zip - Kaspersky flags it as a Trojan and adds Metaserver's signature to its database and then flags every copy as a thread. We suspect that it is due to one of .NET Framework methods we use in Metaserver we currently we haven't identified it yet. Please create an exclusion as shown in the following video:

        We have written to Kaspersky about it - let's hope they will help us solve it.